Mapping: Spinning Reflection

When I read the instructions for this project, I was stumped not because I didn’t have an idea, but because I had too many. I started thinking about how I read the book and then I remembered times where I did not actually read, I just watched. I thought about the memoir almost as a film, more than the other graphic novels we read in class. I read the book quickly yet still processed it almost like I do in a movie. I decided to count the pages where there is no text on the pages, only images. Although in most chapters there was only a few, in chapter 8, there were 10 pages dedicated to only pictures, around 20% of the entire chapter. The drawings were short snapshots into Tillie’s life following her sexual assault. It almost felt like we were living her life, brief snippets clustered together, almost as a way to experience her sadness, her fear. The map shows that chapter 8 has the most text-free pages due to its large size in comparison to the others. I wish this map could show more into where in the chapter these pages were found. However, I could not find a way to accomplish that. I feel like this map simply shows where the places are and it is up to the reader to interpret why.


Image taken by me

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