Mapping: Spinning


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? For Tillie Walden, and every other graphic novel author, combines both text and illustration to dictate their stories, placing thousands of words on each page. In alphanumeric text, pauses of narrative are not very common. However, in a graphic novel, like Spinning, a lack of text does not mean a stop in the story. It can actually sometimes share more emotion than one may think. This treemap shows the number of pages in Spinning that do not contain any text from the narrative. The larger the section on the map, the more text-less pages there are in the book. Both chapters 8 and 9 have large amounts of pages without text, mostly because of the emotional context of this part of the narrative. The blank pages speak for Tillie’s emotions; she’s is almost at a loss of words, unsure what to say. The blank pages in these chapters make up a large proportion of all of the textless sheets in the book.