Bitmoji. Bitstrips, Inc., 2017. Vers. 10.23. Apple App Store, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bitmoji/id868077558?mt=9

Like many other 19 year olds today, I spend a lot of time using social media. During my free time, I scroll through Instagram and Facebook and send many Snapchats daily. Most of the time, pictures speak louder than words and I send many responses using the ever popular Bitmoji application. This app allows users to customize their own avatar and use them to convey hundreds of different messages in both the iMessage application and on Snapchat. I decided to compile 6 of my favorite Bitmojis as my avatar. Starting from the center going clockwise, I selected the avatar of me holding a matcha boba tea, by far my favorite drink! Next, I chose a picture of me holding and reading books, one of my favorite pastimes and a pretty obvious choice for this being for an English class. I then chose a picture of me jumping with a smiling heart because I strive to always be cheerful and full of love and following that, a picture of my avatar peaking up from below, showcasing my curiosity, especially towards learning. My last two images show my avatar excited with some stars and a “selfie” with some hearts to reemphasize my happiness and loving nature. I feel like all of these images represent me and help give a greater insight on who I am.


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