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Everyone remembers story plots from elementary school. Most often shaped like mountains, these charts show the normal progression of a fiction story. The first part is the exposition where characters and plot are introduced. In the rising action, the plot thickens and this is normally one of the longer pieces to the story. It culminates with the climax, where the action, most often a conflict is addressed at its peak. Finally, the falling action wraps up the story while the short resolution does exactly what it says, it resolves, and in children’s books, this could be the “happily ever after.” I decided to make a story plot of my growth in English 101. I started off with skills that I was more familiar with, going to where I was not, but finally gaining more confidence to read and write about things I may not be as comfortable with. This course is almost ending but I cannot wait to continue to grow with my skills after this semester.

Background mountain photo from Flickr


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