For as long as I can remember, haiku has been my favorite form of poetry. Although only 17 syllables long, these short three line poems can tell so much. In my triptych, I attempted to convey a comedic story, about a young boy asking a girl to be his partner for a project. Recently, I have been talking to my friends who are seniors in high school and are worried about finding their first college roommate. I have been teaching them the ins and outs of “glirting” or girl flirting which is important in making connections online to find a roommate. I started thinking about these conversations and how I could make a relatable comic about it but could not come up with a good way to execute it. My mind drifted towards the idea of flirting in general. Middle and high school aged boys can be pretty awkward, especially when it comes to talking to girls. My comic shows a high school aged boy, worrying about asking a girl “something.” In the first 2 panels, my hope is for the reader to assume that the boy is going to ask the girl out on a date or to a school dance. However, their is a plot twist in the last panel in which he actually asks her to be partners in a project, not to be a couple. I wanted the comedy to be seen through the dialogue, not so much the the images themselves. Instead of drawing pictures and scenes that would distract from the story, due to my lack of a strong artistic ability, I used the online resource, Storyboard That, to help me set the scene. The site allows users to pick characters, props, scenes and even allows you to choose from hundreds of colors and even emotions to personalize your comic. I feel like so far in this course, everything I have created artistically has been pretty abstract, or required less detail. However, when looking at the two examples we saw in class, I realized that these triptychs required much more detail to give the text more depth. Unlike our other projects, this was the first one that required me to come up with an original story, one that tells much more than a singular picture or some words on a page. It seamlessly combined them to give even more meaning than the two do separately.


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 2.31.44 PM


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