Photo Sketch

2018-03-21 22-20 page 1.JPG

I chose this image as I was drawn to it due to it’s “realness.” The girl reminded me of myself, with my friends, taking pictures of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, and many other holidays and events. I spent about 7 of my ten minutes trying to figure out how to draw those small specks of fireworks exploding in the sky. I only had a pencil so as I started to do the shading, it started to look weird. I started to draw and erase, draw and erase. Until finally, I was just too unhappy with it that I erased the whole thing and just drew the hexagonal shapes I saw in the the image. I then quickly rushed through drawing out the people but it really didn’t turn out that well.  The blurriness of the image gives it movement that needs a very skilled hand to portray when drawing. The photo is beautifully composed and it seems as you are truly in the scene.

Image credit: “Adolescents photographing the fireworks on Fifth Street” in “Imperfect Portrait of Adolescence” by Eren Orbey. Photography by Colin Combs in The New Yorker.


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