America’s Favorite Snack of 2018

Starting at the end of 2017, P&G, the company who owns Tide, has been under backlash after hundreds of memes surfaced of teenagers arguing that their Tide Pods look delicious and should be considered a snack instead of laundry detergent. I mean, just look at them. The brightly shaped pods truly resemble some of the candy I have grown up eating. To keep up with the current stream of memes that are still pouring in from various media sites, for my Sunday Sketch, I decided to put my own spin on trend. My sketch features a large candy bin with a Post-it type note telling people to eat the treats. I always have a huge box of the pods in my room because they are so convenient to use as a college student so my eyes were initially drawn to them as I was looking around my room for ideas. However, as we all should know, Tide Pods should definitely not be consumed as they are actually toxic and its only purpose is to be laundry detergent. 2018-02-09 17-26


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