Can 2D things move?

Can 2D things, like a drawing on a page, move? Well, no, the things are stuck to their flat surface. But, they can LOOK like they are moving. In a photograph of someone walking, the creases in their clothing and the position of their feet are visual clues that the person was indeed taking strides. Throughout Maus, Spiegelman was highly successful in portraying the movement of his character’s by closely detailing his character’s position in space along with their stance and other visual aspects. However, I believe he got better at doing this as he kept working on the story. For example, on page 125 in book one, there are multiple panels where he shows characters walking and exchanging gestures. However, there are no other clues other than their actual position that shows movement. There is almost a lack of detail within the people, although the landscape and background has a good amount of it. I do agree with his artistic choice, however. He needed to make sure the differences in characters was portrayed before the actual movement, especially because they are the focal point of the page. Yet, I believe page 29 of book two truly shows the physical movement of the characters much more clearly. In the focus image, the wrinkles in Mandelbaum’s outfit and his stance makes it really feel as he is coming towards the reader, ready to walk right out of the page. The panels of Vladek and Mandelbaum eating soup also has more motion than what is portrayed earlier in the book. Shading also creates the illusion of movement and is utilized in these pages to do so.


Image found on Flickr