Reflecting on Tracing Maus

Going into this project, I really did not know what to expect. I closely read the text and examined the images, but other than that, I really did not know what this project was going to have in store for me. My first challenge was picking out the pages I wanted to trace. Sure, I could have picked the more “popular” ones, the ones we spent time analyzing in class. But, I wanted to challenge myself. I decided to pick two pages we talked about, but not in full detail. I then began tracing, which took much longer than I anticipated but it allowed me to pick what I felt was most important to highlight in the line drawing. Annotating each page seemed helpful at first, but since I mostly had my ideas from the start, I really did not write much. I basically had all of my ideas planned out right after taking a first glance at the pages. This made it much easier for me to write my paragraphs, especially because they were more like mini separate assignments. I am looking forward to fine tuning this project as I feel like I was a little rushed in completing it due to studying for my other midterms.

Image found on Flickr


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